A Homemade Shallow Box-Like Acrylic Condensation Cover for Dome Installations – cutting plexiglass at home

Acrylic or polycarbonate dome skylights come is a number of dimensions these days. The traditional types, however, are sq. to rectangle-shaped fit, and operate regarding 5″ tall. Their own thickness as well as length could be anywhere from 12″ to 36″, and therefore are 1/8″ thick. These types of domes could be mounted onto wooden reduces (2×2″ to 2×6″), about that the roofing materials tend to be caulked or even thin-metal exhibited to prevent any rainfall seepage around all of them. These types of domes may also be surface area installed directly to the tar document as well as wooden sheets directly beneath the roofing shingles. In the latter situation, the actual dome’s surrounding roofing shingles themselves are straight set more than it’s flat outside flanges like the method the shingles are generally set over the flat steel of roof vents, heater pipes, sewer ports and so on. This set up minimizes the dome’s peak.

Either way or regardless of how the actual domes are mounted, they are able to and will create unwanted moisture build-up or condensation and other alike leakages even if they have an inner plastic material protect within all of them. These domes will also be vulnerable to being cracked through large are fallen sapling branches, earthquakes, or even reckless roofers. When these types of events happen, the skylights may drip rain water too along with forming moisture.

Cutting plexiglass at home and install a shallow-box-like 5-1/2″-high hard transparent include over the dome on the roof. This particular include will act like bad weather windowpane will by taking the actual impact of temperature alter and also the formation on most moisture build-up or condensation. With this article, a 20″ square dome (which includes a 1″ flange on each aspect of the 18″-square dome itself), 5″ higher, as well as surface area installed directly to the rooftop sheets is going to be used as the example to become engrossed in the box-like surprise include. Comparable covers can be built proportionally for other dome sizes.

Cutting plexiglass at home – Supplies and resources (total price with regard to components: $50-90, depending on the availability of the actual polymer page).

One 2x6x96″ pressure-treated board ($5)

1 22×22″ page of heavy 0.22″ thick polymer plexiglass ($25-60, with respect to the cut sizes offered at the opening). If the piece should be cut from the bigger sheet, leave the actual protecting films unpeeled on attributes from the sheet before the cutting is completed. Cutting plexiglass at home – Make use of a razor-sharp fine-tooth noticed edge or else, allow the outlet work in order to dimension for you personally.

Twelve #12×3″ Philips anchoring screws

20 to 30 — #8×1″ Philips drywall screws (wide head)

One little tube obvious silicone caulks ($4)

Two tubes silicon window/door caulk similar colored towards the roof shingles ($8)

4 perpendicularly smooth 2-1/2″ L-shaped mounting brackets ($5)

Eight #10×1″ wood anchoring screws (for affixing the actual L-brackets towards the cover body)

Eight #10×1-1/2 in order to 2″ wood screws (with regard to attaching the frame’s L-brackets towards the roofing through the roofing shingles)


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